Dark Grey Face Mask


This mask is made from repurpose material from our collection. It is a two layered masks that has a center pocket that allows for PPE material or filters to place inside. Masks come in two styles: Women's Cut and Regular Cut. 

  • Women's Cut: Fits nice and smooth around women's face from nose to the bottom of the chin. Great for anyone with a smaller face or prefers a smaller cut. 
  • Regular Cut: A more unisex feel of a mask. Approximately one inch bigger than a women's cut mask, it is great for someone with a fuller face or preferably a male. It covers the top of the nose and comes over the chin. 

You can choose between ear loops for your masks or a ties. 

Fabric Content/Care Instructions: 

  • Outer Layer:
  • 72% Polyester / 24% Rayon / 4% Spandex
  • Inner Layer: 100% Cotton
  • Hand wash or Machine Wash Warm/Hang Dry or Machine Dry Low
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