Let Us Help You Fight COVID-19

So much is happening in our world right now that is leaving many of us uneasy, anxious and uncertain about tomorrow. However, I am very certain about my love and care for you. So here's how I am going to help you.We recognize that there is a huge shortage of face masks going on due to lack of production and availability. But you don't have to wait for one to be available. We will help you create your own mask or send you one free. 

Our company is People over Profit. We will help you through get this time; a time where we all need each other and need to work together. We are here to take the pressure off and provide you a level of security that you may need right now.  You have been there for us, so let us be there for you. Download your free digital copy of a face mask on our site, where you can make your own. Or, order your free mask, that will be sent to your house- just pay the shipping

We will post the step by step instructions on our site, and you will access to a video on how to create. It is so easy to accomplish. 


Be well. Be safe. Stay inside. 


Adilah Muhammad

Owner and Head Designer of Adilah M