About us


This brand is dedicated towards those Modern Women who happen to be Modest Women.  

Long have we been left out of the equation of what is considered desirable clothing. Searching from store to store looking for good quality clothing that suits our needs- that is clothing that appeals towards our style aesthetic and compliments our beliefs. One shouldn't have to choose one of the other. They both can coexist freely, it has before and it will now. 


Launch in August 2016, this designer brand plans to shatter the misconception of what it is to be a modest women. The designs of each collection produce illustrate soft, and feminine silhouettes with a tailored touch. Our aim and purpose is to show how fun, chic, and versatile modest clothing really is.  


This brand is for the bold. For the brave. For the confident. For the liberated. For the proud. This brand is for you.

From Yours Truly,Adilah M